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Wonderful family resource right here!

Thank you for creating this amazing toolkit for kids and their families. Actually, this seems like it would do anyone, at any age, a world of good! If you like the idea of developing and honing super powers like bravery, the ability to remain calm or soothe yourself after being unsettled; then you will love listening to this sweet podcast with a great mix of mom

Our family loves this podcast!

This is a fantastic podcast for families to listen to on the car ride to school or transitioning between activities or just to bring calm and positivity to the day. We love how they use animals throughout the podcasts to relate the concepts and affirmations. It’s definitely a staple in our podcast library!

One of our favorites!

Tennessee, age 9, says this podcast “helps us learn, and grow, and feel better.” Stella, age 6, says, “It is cool and I like it.” We love listening on the way to school in the morning, and on road trips. The affirmations are simple and effective — I’m a substitute teacher, and I’ve used them in the classroom, as well!

Best Podcast Yet

This podcast has been life giving and changing for my kids (and me!) over the past year. I find myself repeating phrases from the affirmations while I’m at work, and sometimes I even listen in my car without the kiddos. We appreciate you soooo much and hope you have the BEST DAY YET! - Amber (K & V) 🥰

Wonderful Pod!

We love this sweet & cheerful podcast! Our world needs more positive thinkers that spread good energy and teach kids by example. Thanks for being you.


I want to see a UNICORN! And learn how to calm when I am really super angry.

Perfect start to our family’s day

My two kids (5 & 7) and I are both completely OBSESSED with this podcast. If you haven’t heard it, seriously check it out. So inspiring and fun for both kids and adults.🤩😲🥰

Amazing! Helpful for me and my daughter

My daughter is two but she loves the animals in the meditations and I love know that she’s hearing and linking them with positivity. It makes me more positive and helps me relax and incorporate new kind words and ways to support her that I might not have been able to put into the same lovely words . Highly recommend listening (love the bird sounds/diversity episode!)

Love the podcast!

I love the music and I hope this podcast becomes popular and keeps making more episodes. Elliot, 6 years old

Me and my brother love this

I was just looking for something to calm my brother he now knows the whole theme song we play it so much he does have anger issues and this helps me a lot as well only issue is we don’t have enough episodes can u do one about chickens that’s what my brother asked for me can u do one about kangaroos and can the kangaroo have a baby? Anyways this is what my brother said; I like you episodes💗


U help me cheer up and be happy!! Love the afromations!!! (I’m 8 idk how to spell “afromations” XD) -SMil3LPS (I play animal jam and roblox!)


My kids and I love this podcast it’s just the right amount of time for them and starts our mornings right! Our only complaint is that there isn’t more haha keep them coming please!!

Thank you!!

We have been listening the past few weeks & it has made such a difference in how we start our days!! Thanks for the beautiful visualizations, the breath work & awesome affirmations (& catchy intro tune!!). We love this podcast!

Thank you so much!

Love it! My kids love it! 😀☺️❤️❤️❤️ The best podcast ever for kids to teach them growth mindset and self awareness.


This podcast is so beautiful and empowering - thank you!!

Perfect imaginative and calming

This is just the sweetest podcast. Encourages kids and adults to use their imagination, practice breathing and intentional, positive mindset. We’re listening in the car for short car trips with kids aged 3-9yrs and adults in their 40’s and love it. Just what is needed for this moment. Thank you for creating and sharing!

Just what we needed!

My 8 year old and I have only recently started this podcast and he asks for it daily!! It’s such a beautiful way to connect with your child and reality. A great way to uplift them and speak goodness in to them

A positive way to begin the day

This is a great podcast for kids to gain positivity. We live listening to it in the car on our way to school in the mornings. It has been great for my 5-year-old. We love it!

Sweet positive light for kids

Loved this sweet short and uplifting message for kids - words of affirmation . How sweet and to the point , Just what kids need to hear when the world is so full of negativity and pressure - here is a space to feel affirmed ♥️

I love the show!


I love this podcast!

This is one of my favorite podcasts! Such a great topic.

so inspiring!!

so inspiring for people of all ages to be their best! wonderfully done and appealing to everyone

Best Day Yet

Helps both my son and I have a better day! My 5 year old said he would rate it 6 stars if he could.

👋 hello

Awesome truly the best day yet

Positively the best

This podcast has a lovely way of reminding kids, and grownups, to be their best. Their stories, reflections and mantras fill me with joy and remind me of the possibilities a day can bring.

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It helps my go to sleep which is cool and relaxing and I can just clear my Mind with it and I just listen to it when I am walking and sitting down

Incredible podcast and so grateful!

Very grateful for this incredible podcast for kids. So well done and so needed! Engaging for children with positive messages. Very cheerful and thank you for doing this amazing work!


Thanks so much! My family loves this podcast!


We LOVE this podcast!

I love this more than I can explain!!

This podcast is amazing!!! (I listen to it mostly on Spotify). It’s presented in such an engaging way. The sense of adventure and journey you feel while exploring and learning from animals and everyday life is not only engaging but so much fun! My kids love it and I love it! The wonderful and positive affirmations being shared are exactly what I want my kids to learn and they are a great reminder for me! I play them mostly in the car on our way to and from places and even as an adult they help me to feel peaceful and refreshed. I’m so thankful for this resource and look forward to many more episodes for my kids (4yrs and 2yrs old) and I to enjoy together!!

Thank you!

We listen to these on the car ride to school, it helps all of us start out the day better. Thank you!

My 5-year-old son with anxiety loves this!

Perfect start or end to a stressful day!

Car-ride game changer

My 4-year old loves the animal adventures and my 2-year loves the intro “bestdayyet!”

My kids ask to do listen every time we’re in the car.

I’ve been listening to the Best Day Yet podcast with my kids on the way to preschool, and they can’t get enough! My four-year-old son loves learning about the animals and closes his eyes and yells the affirmations (“I am brave!!”). Yesterday, when my two-year-old daughter breathed deeply in and out, she proudly exclaimed, “We do this when we’re sad or mad!” I find myself feeling calmer and thinking about the affirmations during the day too.

Great for Kids👏🏻 (and I like it too!)

My son is 6 and makes me turn on this podcast every morning before school. It really gets him in the right place to start his day. I do the deep breathing and say the affirmations with him, so we both benefit. We also learn some news things about different animals and have some good conversations about things mentioned in the podcast. We get so excited for new episodes—definitely recommend!

Cute and helpful

This is an adorable podcast that is loved by our whole family. Entertaining and beneficial.

Great for kids - and grownups!

We look forward to each new episode! They help us when we are feeling sad or scared or lonely. They also help us when we are perfectly happy. The animal of the week focus is an inspired way to share your message. We love hearing our friends giving us such helpful advice and pointing out the beauty in us and all around us.

Love this podcast!

My son I love it...highly recommend this series of podcasts! Each podcast is only a few minutes and full of encouragement and confidence building self talk. So kid friendly and reminds me to take a deep breath too! 😋

A beautiful podcast for children!

Thank you for creating such a wonderful podcast for children. I really do believe that all children would benefit from listening to this. It’s very well produced and great for children and parents alike!

Better and better days!

We are loving Best Day Yet and look forward to new episodes. Our hearts are better able to see the light in ourselves and those around us when we practice with Best Day Yet.


This fills a listening void me and my kids have had for some time. A perfect nugget of uplifting that uses the imagination, breath, and presence! We have a 10-12 minute drive to school and this is how we love to start our day! Thank you! Keep the new episodes coming! Cheers!

Wonderful- 4 yr old daughter loves it

Our 4 year old has asked three days in a row to listen to this around dinner. Can’t beat that :) thanks for creating this.