Best Day Yet Podcast


June 16, 2020

ENCORE: WATER BEARS Get Stronger Every Day (And So Do You!)

Encore! We'll be back with brand new episodes soon, and until then hope you're having the best summer yet. What has eight legs, a squishy body and is probably living on the moon RIGHT NOW? You'll find out in this episode of B...

June 02, 2020

POWER EPISODE for Uncertain Times -For Kids By Kids

This episode is entirely led by kids. These are positive words for uncertain times. Kids can listen to this anytime they feel worried, or need help centering and calming down. This would be a great episode to listen to right ...

May 17, 2020

Turtles Respect Themselves (& So Do You!)

Today we're up at our family's cottage on a lake, and we’re going to take the kayaks out and try to catch some turtles. Want to come along? Today's affirmations: I respect everyone around me, but most of all I respect me. I l...