July 29, 2020

ENCORE: Affirmations for Making New Friends (Dolphin Adventure!)

ENCORE: Affirmations for Making New Friends (Dolphin Adventure!)

Just a few more weeks until we release season 2 of Best Day Yet! Until then enjoy this dolphin-tastic episode from last January. What if there were positive words we could tell ourselves that would help it be easier to make new friends? Well it turns out there are! And on today's episode we learn them. To make it even more fun, we get to trade our legs in for tail fins and swim with an animal friend (Surprise—it's a dolphin!) who teaches us all about friendliness and how to be a good friend.

Today's affirmations:

  • I am warm and bright
  • I am compassionate
  • I am a wonderful friend
  • I am a magnet for friendship
  • I treat everyone with kindness and respect
  • Other kids really need a friend like me 

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