June 13, 2021

You Focus on the Good (POWER EPISODE)

You Focus on the Good (POWER EPISODE)

Best Day Yet is a positive thinking podcast for kids. We teach mindful breathing, animal adventures, and positive affirmations in a kid-friendly way.

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Hey Best Day Yet listeners, it's Marjorie and Annie. This is a POWER EPISODE! 

That means it's an episode where we teach you a tool that you can use over and over. And you can listen to this episode any time that it feels like nothing is going your way.

Because today's episode is all about teaching our minds to look for the good.

If we don't teach our minds to focus on the good, in many situations, our minds naturally want to focus on anything little that might not be good.

A: It's like if you don't teach your mind to always look for the good, 

you could end up sitting on a tower of pancakes, while it's raining maple syrup, 

and you'd just be complaining that you don't have an umbrella.

Hmmm... I think I'd be worried that I'd be sticky forever.

A: But what about those delicious pancakes? And the syrup? MMMmmmmmm

The point is that the more we practice looking for the good in every situation, the more we find it. 

So in today's practice Annie and I are going to teach you a way to count the good things in your life on each finger of one hand. We're going to appreciate 5 good things. Since you always have your hands and your fingers with you, once you learn this practice you can use it anytime you want. It will help you see the many blessings in your world. Are you ready? Here we go.
Get your thumb ready. Stick it up, like you're saying thumbs up, I'm happy to be here. 

A: Hello thumb 

And wiggle your thumb around,

In this practice, your thumb stands for a relationship. Take a moment to look down at your thumb 

and  appreciate that grown up or a kid, who you're glad is part of your life.

 And if you're really glad that person is part of your life, right now your thumb can do a little boogie.

Next look at your pointer finger. Your pointer finger is the one you use to point. 

A: Hello pointy!

In this practice, your pointer finger stands for an opportunity. What opportunities have you had? Maybe you've had the opportunity to go to a school, or maybe you have had the opportunity to be homeschooled. Maybe you've had the opportunity to join a club or enter a contest. Think of one good opportunity that you're glad you've  gotten. Look down at your pointer down finger and appreciate that opportunity. And if you really love this opportunity, your pointer can do a little boogie. 

Next, look at your middle finger.

In the U.S. and a lot of other countries, it's actually very bad manners to stick up your middle finger, so let's make sure our fingers are being polite and we'll have our middle fingers stand up beside all of its friends, the other fingers. Today, your middle finger stands for a place that you've been. Is there somewhere that you have been that you really loved? 

Think about that wonderful place you had the chance to go. Think about how it felt to be there, how it smelled and sounded. And if you really love this place, all of your fingers can do a little boogie together.

Next, look at your index finger. Your index finger is in between your pinkie and middle finger. 

A: Hey there Index-y!

For me, my index finger doesn't always want to stand up by itself. Sometimes it needs a little help.

Your index finger stands for something you love. What is something you really, really love? It might be a pet, a sport, a toy, an instrument. What's something you love so much that it lights you up on the inside just to think about? Take a moment to think about that thing you love so, so much. And if you really love it, your index finger can do a little boogie. My index finger can't dance alone, it takes a few other fingers with it. And they all dance together. 

Last finger on this hand is your pinkie. Say hello to your sweeeet little pinkie.

Ami: hello sweet little pinkie

Your pinkie stands for a simple joy. Something little that makes you happy. Like chocolate milk or a favorite pair of socks. A special treat, the way the birds sound in the morning, 

A; or your dog's smile, or your cat's purr. 

Look at your pinkie finger and think of this simple joy. And if you really love this small, simple thing, your pinkie can do a little boogie.(5 second or so funk riff)

That's all we have for today. I told you it was a shortie! Shake your happy hand out, and thank your hand for helping you count the good.

A: Thank you hand!
I think my other hand might be feeling a little bit left out.

Oh--if your other hand is feeling left out, you can skip back and listen again for double the good. 

A: And maybe you should thank your feet too, just in case they're feeling left out.

Hey feet, thanks a bunch for all you do

A: And thank you fingernails, thank you  toenails,  thank you belly button, (fades out listing all these things and I start to talk over her- theme music fades in) thank you elbows, thank you nose, thank you earlobes,  thank you eyebrows, thank you teeth,
I see you counting the good all over the place, on your fingers, on your toes, everywhere you look, you notice the good.  And I wish you the very best day yet.

(Annie still listing all the good) 

thank you freckles, thank you EVERYTHING!