June 29, 2021

You are a Helper (With SHARKS!!!)

You are a Helper (With SHARKS!!!)

Here's the transcript of our recent Helper episode with sharks. In this episode we practice mindful breathing and positive affirmations for kids on the theme of being a helper!

You Are A Helper (SHARK Adventure!)



Hey Best Day Yet listeners, it's Marjorie and Ansel.

Today's episode is all about being helpful. 

It's a reminder that when we help others, we are also helping ourselves. And, we're going on an adventure! (YAY!)
That's right. Today we're going deep under the ocean to meet a fish that helps others.

But I have to warn you that the part of the ocean that we're going to has...a lot of sharks.


It's okay, we're going to travel inside a shark-proof bubble.


A:I'm a little worried about this.


Don't worry, we can all go in one bubble together. And I promise that this bubble is completely, totally, 100% sharkproof. 

Also, the sharks are in our imaginations, and imaginary sharks are completely harmless. 


A: Well, I suppose imaginary sharks are okay

(peaceful, quiet music)

While we make our shark-proof bubble, we're going to practice deep belly breathing.

A: Why do we practice breathing? We know how to breath!

We practice deep belly breathing, because we can use deep belly breaths to help ourselves calm down anytime we're feeling angry, sad, or nervous. And if we practice breathing this way while we're already calm, it'll be way easier to do when we're upset.
Kids listening, if you're not seated yet, take a seat and make yourselves comfortable. And take a deep belly breath in. 

When you breathe out, pretend you're blowing up a balloon and as you do, our shark proof bubble begins.


A: Aw, cute little shark proof bubble

Breath in deep into your belly 

And out through your mouth, like you're blowing up a balloon.

(balloon blowing up sound)

A: It looks like a see-through beach ball!


Think we can all fit inside? 


A: No way Jose


Another big deep belly breath in

Breathe out through your mouth like you're blowing up a balloon



A: Almost there...It's like giant pumpkin sized


One more big belly breath, bigger than before, fill up as much as you can

and the biggest breath of all out through your mouth.


A: Oh wow, it's almost as big as a car! Let's get inside.


Give me one minute to install the controls (control installing sounds)

And we're ready! Climb inside!


This bubble's great, right?


A: Um, we're a little squished in here.


No worries, I'm already cruising towards the shark area, and (adventurous music and or cruising sounds)...here...we are…

Just need to descend. 

Going down 1

going down 2

going down 3

And here we are…tada! the shark cleaning station.

A: I count 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ELEVEN SHARKS?!

Don'y worry, our bubble is totally shark proof! And we're actually looking for something much smaller than a shark.

Watch carefully. 


A: I see some yellow and white fish. A whole bunch of little blue fish. And a skinny blue fish with a long, black stripe along it's body. 


Do you see how the shark waits for the fish to come by

and then very carefully the shark opens it's mouth. (Hinge opening sound)

And the fish just swims inside and gets to work.

That's Cool

That's the helper fish we're looking for! It's called a wrasse. 

Wrasse fish remove leftovers and parasites from sharks teeth. Sharks actually go areas of the ocean that they know as "cleaning stations" to find these wrasse fish and get their teeth cleaned. Just like we go to the dentist!

And, by helping the shark the wrasse is helping itself too, because it gets a free meal from all that the stuff stuck in the shark's teeth!


A: That's gross, but also cool.


Kids listening, I'll put a picture of this wrasse on our social media accounts and also our fancy new website bestdayyetpodcast.com. Ask your grown ups to check it out after this episode.


A: All of these sharks are making me nervous. Can we get out of here now? 

Sure, I'll bring the bubble to the surface and we can float back as we practice our power words.


Going up 1 (Ascending sounds)

Going up 2

Going up  3 

 And here we are, back to the surface.


Just like we feed ourselves healthy foods and water, it's important that we take time to feed our minds kind and healthy thoughts. Practicing these "power words" called affirmations or sometimes mantras, has the power to change the way we see our world and ourselves in it.


Today's power words are inspired by the wrasse, that awesome little fish who is brave enough to help a shark out by going inside of it's mouth.


A: And eating the gross stuff stuck in its teeth.


First I'll tell you the power words and next you can tell them to me.

Ready? Set? Here we go.


You are a helper

Helping others makes you feel good

The more you help others, the more you grow

You look for the chance to help someone else's day


Now you can repeat after me. You can say these words silently or outloud, or if you're really feeling it, you can YELL them. These words will work anyway you say them.


Ready, set, repeat.

I am a helper

Helping others makes me feel good

The more I help others, the more I grow.

I look for the chance to help someone else's day.

How do you feel?


A: helper-ific


I'm feeling helper-ific too. 6.30

Kids listening, today, you can look for situations to help someone's day. You could hold the door open for someone, offer a friendly smile, or ask someone how their day is going and when they answer, really listen. Being a good listener is being a good helper too.


A: I actually like to help my teacher, and my friends, and my pets, and kids who are smaller than me. Helping others really does feel good.

I agree. Our time is up.

A: Wait...we forgot to pop the bubble!

Oh my goodness, I almost left all us inside of this bubble. Ready kids at home, let's all pop it together. Let's try this.

First make your body really small, hug your arms in, and if you can hug your legs in and squeeze everything together. On the count of three (be careful not to hit anyone or anything) your arms and legs can go bursting out to pop this bubble.

Ready? Squeeze in as tight as possible.

One… keep squeezing

two…  keep squeezing

three  keep squeezing

YAY! (bubble popping sound)

Now our time is really up.

Hey, I see the brave, helpful, thoughtful wrasse fish in YOU.

And I wish you the best day yet.