July 14, 2021

Wish You Well Car Ride

Wish You Well Car Ride

Here's the transcript from our Wish You Well Car Ride episode. The Wish You Well Car ride is a guided car ride that prompts listeners to wish other drivers, animals, plants, and even their car well.

Power episode

(Upbeat, happy music)

Hey Best Day Yet Listeners,

This is a POWER EPISODE! (echo sound effect)

That means it's a short episode, where we teach you a tool.

And if you like this episode, you can listen to it over and over. Anytime you need it.


Today's episode is a wish you well car ride episode. But you can listen to it at home too.

We're going to practice wishing other people, birds, trees and even your car well.


Why are we wishing everything, even our cars, well today?


Wishing well is a way to instantly calm ourselves, and offer love and caring to others.

And I believe that the world needs our good, loving houghts. And our well wishes. And I bet that if you start your day wishing everything you see well, that you will set yourself up for a pretty amazing day.

Think of it as a science experiment. At the end of the day, remember this practice and notice if it helped your day go better.


This episode was made for while you're on a car ride. But if you're not on a car ride, don't worry! You'll just need to sit by a window and look for the things we name outside. 


(Music changes, still upbeat & positive)

First, let's start with your car 

Or bus or train…

Oh yeah

Or if you're home, your house

Take a moment to silently thank your car or house for running smoothly today, everything is working as it should, and thank it for holding you. And either silently or outloud, wish your car or house well.

I wish you well.


Next, look outside of your car.

Or your house

See if you can find another person. Maybe it's someone driving, or someone riding or someone walking.

Try to see that person as someone like you, who has their own ideas, hopes, and dreams. 

Their own favorite ice cream flavor

Oh yeah. And either silently or outloud, wish that person well.

I wish you well.


Next, look for an animal.

It might be a bird. Or a squirrel. Or an insect.

Look all around, in the sky, or in the trees, and try to find some type of animal.

Did you find one?

Take a moment to appreciate that animal. You and that animal are both held by the very same planet. Breathing the very same air. Together.

And either silently, or outloud, wish that animal well.

I wish you well.

Finally, look for a tree. 

If you can't find a tree, you could find a plant.

Maybe a dandelion or a blade of grass.

Take a moment to appreciate that tree. Or plant!

It was once a tiny little seed. It had to fight, just like you did, to grow strong and tall. Either silently, or outloud, wish that tree . Or plant! well.

I wish you well.

How did that feel? Super duper

Well, we're not done. Hold on tight, because We're going to go through the whole practice IN REVERSE!  (Reverse sound effects)

(music picks back up)

First look for a tree. Or a plant!

And imagine that this tree or plant can talk.


Well maybe it's just thinking. It depends on how well your imagination works.

Imagine this tree sees you, for who you really are. It appreciates you for being YOU.

And now imagine the tree is wishing YOU well.


WAIT...Stop the show (record screeching to a stop. Music halts.)

If the tree and car and everyone is going to be wishing us well, they need voices. 


Oh,maybe some our listeners want to be the voices of the tree, animals, person, and car.

Hey listeners, can you help us out with this?

Kids yell- YEAH

Okay, here is a tree wishing you well, as played by Linc, one of our listeners.

 I wish you well

(Music starts again)


Next, look for an animal. (pause) 

Might be the same animal you saw before. Or maybe a different bird, insect, or squirrel.

Imagine that this animal can see you for who you are. And it appreciates you.

And imagine that animal is wishing YOU well.

I wish you well.

Next, look for a person. It might be someone driving or riding in a car. Or it might be someone outside walking or riding a bike. Imagine that person appreciates you, and all of your good thoughts, and amazing ideas. Your hopes and dreams. And imagine that person is wishing YOU well.

 I wish you well

Finally, think of your car or train or bus OR HOUSE

Whatever is holding you now.


Feel how it's holding you and keeping you safe.

And imagine it appreciates you for being part of its world.

And right now, your car or train or bus OR HOUSE

Is wishing YOU well

I wish you well

How do you feel?


Yeah, I feel well-er-ific too.

Our time is up. 

Today, we're appreciating you for who you are. And all your hopes, and your big dreams.

And your good ideas!
And we're so thankful that you're here with us listening

And we wish you well.

And we also wish you

The best day yet.