June 2, 2021

Self Love For Kids! (Calming episode)

Self Love For Kids! (Calming episode)

Here's the transcript from our latest episode: self-love for kids. This is a calming episode and includes mindful breathing, affirmations, and teaches a very basic practice of self-love for kids. Perfect for introducing elements of mindfulness and meditation to kids of all ages. This episode would be perfect for any time kids need help calming before a transition, or before nap or bedtime. 

Self Love For Kids

Hey Best Day Yet listeners, it's Marjorie and Annie.

We're here today with a calming episode that's all about celebrating the uniqueness of you.

Parents and teachers talk a lot about being kind to others, but sometimes we forget to talk about how very important it is to be kind to ourselves. 

It is so, so important that we learn the habit of talking to ourselves in a way that is kind and loving and encouraging, and that's what Best Day Yet podcast is all about.

Today's episode we're going to go to a beautiful place and celebrate YOU!

Let's begin by finding a comfortable place to sit.

(happy/peaceful piano music fades in)

Turn your imaginations on. (lights on sound effect)

 We're in a field full of daisies. All around us are small white daisies, with yellow centers and they smell...

A: Like waffle cones

Sure, we're surrounded as far as the eye can see by daisies, that smell like waffle cones

A: like the way it smells when you walk into an ice cream shop. (tinkle of bell like you're entering ice cream shop)

A: Mmmmmm

And there are song birds all around us. (birdsong) Song birds in every color. They gently land on each of the daisies, fly to and from each one. Can you hear them?

(pause to listen to birdsong)
And don't let me forget to tell you about the sky. It is perfectly blue. Not a cloud to be seen.

Today, we will practice loving ourselves exactly the way we are.

First breathe in nice and deep. Imagine your breathing the best air on earth.

And slowly let your breath go out through your mouth.

Breath in again. The best air on earth.

And again breath out 

If you look closely at each of these daisies, they're each slightly different. Some have more petals than others, some have less. Some of them have crooked petal here and there. Some have more yellow than others.

In this whole field. Miles and miles of daisies. Billions of daisies. They're each different, just like you and I are.

There is no one else exactly like you.

Each person on our planet is valuable and unique, with their own set of talents and abilities.

Each and every one of us is different, and we're meant to be that way. 

Today, we celebrate YOU and your own uniqueness.
Just like it's important to feed our bodies healthy food, it's important to feed our minds healthy thoughts too.

We call these healthy thoughts affirmations

First I'll say them to you and next you can say them to me. 

(Inspiring music fades in)

Are you ready? Here I go.

You love your body 

You love yourself

Every day you appreciate yourself more and more

The people you meet can see you for who you are

and they appreciate you too

You are good and bright inside and out

Every day you get better and better at loving you.

Now it's your turn to repeat. You can say them silently to yourself or aloud. Or if you're really feeling the self love today, you can YELL THEM.  These words will help you feel better no matter how you say them.

Ready, set, here we go.

love my body 

I love myself

Every day I appreciate myself more and more

and the people I meet can see me for who I am

and they appreciate me too

I am good and bright

 inside and out

Every day I get better 

and better at loving Myself


Breathe in deep,  

Send some appreciation up into your eyebrows

(Again, maybe we can  do a peaceful sound effect for each in and out breath.)

let that breath go

Breath in some appreciation all the way over to your fingernails, 

and let that breath go

Breath some appreciation down to  your pinkie toes

And let that breath go

One last big breath

Fill every part of your body with love and appreciation

And let this breathe out loud, like you're blasting out the appreciation to everything around you too.

Go ahead let a smile fill your face

Your body loves to hear words like this. Can you feel it?  When you feed yourself loving thoughts, it is like giving water and sunlight to a plant and you just feel better.

(Happy music)

Hey Annie, how do you feel after telling yourself all of these loving words?

A: super duper amazing

I feel super duper amazing too.

Our time is up, but before you go, if you want you can pick yourself a daisy from this field. Go ahead, choose the most beautiful daisy you can find. You deserve it. (daiy picking chime or tone)

And if there's someone listening with you that you love, pick some daisies for them too.(slightly different daisy chime or tone)

Imagine you are tucking your daisy behind your ear. (slightly different chime or tone)

You can keep that imaginary daisy there all day long to remind you that you are absolutely perfect exactly as you are.

Don't worry, nobody can see it or smell it but you, 

It's your own secret daisy.

And you can come back to this daisy field with us anytime you want. And listen to this episode again and again.

Our time is up.

I see the unique, one a kind, talented daisy in you.

And I wish you

A: the best day yet!

We hope you enjoyed this mindfulness practice for kids. You can use this podcast episode as a sleep meditation for kids or just a calming meditation for kids. These affirmations are perfect for teaching kids about self-awareness  and self-love. Hope your whole family enjoyed practicing mindfulness and meditation with us today.