May 18, 2021

Morning Mood Booster (With Seals!)

Morning Mood Booster (With Seals!)


Morning Mood Booster (With Seals!)

Below is the transcript for the Morning Mood Booster from Season 2, episode 5. This episode was written for kids and families. It includes a guided meditation for kids, with breathwork, mindfulness, and affirmations.

Today is going to be a happy day.

This episode is a mooooood booster, it's for listening to when you're...well maybe not in the happiest mood. 

Dont worry about it, it happens to the best of us, 

We're going to learn some powerful words that will help us start our day in a better mood. And once you learn them, you can use these words to cheer yourself up any time you want.


And the best part about this episode is (drumroll) we're taking an adventure! (Excited kid sound- like YAY or OOOOOH!) And Annie's with us (Helllooooo!)

That's right, we're taking a row boat out into the ocean, to meet a few surprise animal friends who are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face all day long. 

So get yourself comfortable wherever you are and if it helps your imagination work better, you can close your eyes

(Happy music fades out, peaceful music fades in)

Take a deep breath and put a little smile on your face. (smile sound-chimes or something?)

Imagine we're walking down the beach to our rowboat at the end of the beach (Footsteps in sand)

As we walk  you feel the sand between your toes

You feel the warm waves moving back and forth over your feet  (Sound of waves)

Your body relaxes and your breath slows down

You breath deep into your belly

You breath out emptying all the air

You scan the beach and see our boat.

Our rowboat is-

Annie- yellow!

Okay, our rowboat is yellow and it's--


Annie---made of a banana peel!

Our boat is made of a banana peel?  How are we all going to fit inside?


Annie- It's a giant banana peel


oh....Is it safe?

Annie- Oh yeah. Our rowboat is made of a waterproof, wave-proof, untippable banana peel. 


With squishy, comfortable marshmallow seats.

 Come on, what are we waiting for?


Okay, okay, kids listening do you have your imaginations on?

(lights on sound)

Here we go, imagine you're climbing into the giant, untippable banana peel rowboat (getting into banana boat sound) sitting down on your giant, squishy marshmallow seat (squishy sound), and clipping on your life preserver (clip clip)


And we begin to sail. (Adventurous music begins- wind blowing)


The water is calm, and you help us paddle. (paddling sound begins)

Today is such a good day. In our bananapeel boat, and in your real life, today is going to be an awesome day. Another day you get to be here, another day you get to be the best you you can be.


Did you know that you can choose your thoughts?  And you can choose how you  want to show up each day. Being in a happy mood is a choice we make. Today, let's choose the kind of thoughts that make us have the happiest day possible. Actually, that's why we're on this rowboat. We're paddling out to meet some very happy animal friends.


Oh-Here come our friends right now, I can see them


(seal sounds) 


Annie: They sound like they're barking, are they...water dogs?


Not, silly,  there's no such thing as water dogs, those are seals.


Annie: Oh they're so cute! Do they have names?


Actually they do! Each seal stands for good feelings and thoughts you can choose to bring into your day. This day- today!

See that one swimming to us right now? That's peace.

And swimming over there,that's Happiness, and that one over there who is sunbathing on the rocks, that's Joy. 


And look--they're swimming right up to us! In real life, seals are protected by law, so you should never touch one. But these seals are in our imaginations, so if you want, you can reach out and pet each one. They are soft,  friendly, harmless, and completely adorable. 

Each time you reach out to pet a seal, imagine you are choosing a feeling and attitude to bring into this day- today!


Here comes Happiness right up to our boat, go ahead, if you choose to bring happiness into your day, imagine you are reaching out and touching his head. (happy tone)


Annie: It feels like wet leather, 


But do you feel happier?


A: I do feel a little happier, but it's also because I just touch a seal! 

Oh look Joy just jumped off the rocks and is swimming towards us


Do you know what joy means?


Annie: It's like being glad on the inside,

 even if what's going on on the outside isn't perfect.


Exactly. So if you'd like to  bring Joy into today, you can reach out and touch her too.


(slightly different tone)


Annie: (laughs) Her whiskers tickled my hand!


And last but not least here comes Peace. 


Go ahead, if you'd like to bring peace into your day, you can reach out and pet her on her head (slightly different tone)


Annie: She's so cute. I love the little spots on her face


Me too. Today, we reached out and touched peace, joy, and happiness (repeat each tone one by one)


Annie: they were really friendly seals!

Yes they were, and today we're choosing those good feelings to bring into our day. Today is going to be a great day.


Instead of paddling, back right away, let's float here with our seals and practice our affirmations. (Sounds of floating in the ocean)
Affirmations are powerful words that we can say to ourselves to help ourselves feel better.

So, let's give it a try.


First I'll say them to you and next you can say them to me.


(inspiring music fades in)

Here I go:


Today is going to be a happy day.

Today you choose peace


You choose happiness


And you choose joy.


Today you're going to let your light shine


Now it's your turn to say these powerful words. Say them however you feel comfortable. You can say them silently, whisper them, outloud, or if you want you can YELL them. The words will work no matter how you say them.
Ready, set, repeat. (Annie repeats after me)


Today is going to be an amazing day


Today I choose peace, 


I choose happiness


And  I choose joy


Today I'm going to let my light shine


(Inspiring music fades out- happy music fades in)


What do you think , are we ready to paddle back?


Annie: Yup. Our banana peel boat knows the way.


(paddling sounds begin)

As we paddle back let's think of some situations that might make you feel less than happy. Maybe today you will have an argument with a sibling or a friend. Maybe something won't go the way that you wanted to. 


When this happens, it doesn't mean that it's a bad day. It means that your day brought challenges and 

Challenges help me grow

remember that you have the ability to choose how you react.

Maybe, you'll remember Peace, and her spotted little seal face, (seal sound) and you'll let an argument or disappointment go. 

Today, no matter what  your day brings you, you'll just keep smiling and shining your light.

We're back to the shore. (Sound of waves hitting boat)

Before we go, let's take a moment to check in with how you feel. Do you feel better than you did before?

Annie: I do.  I feel seal-tastic!

Me too. 

(BDY theme song begins fading in)

Hey, I see the peaceful, happy, joyful, seal (seal sounds)  in you. And I wish you 

(Marjorie and Annie at once) The best day yet.