Aug. 9, 2021

Affirmations for a Calm & Confident School Day🎒📚

Affirmations for a Calm & Confident School Day🎒📚

Here's the transcript from our latest episode Affirmations for a Calm & Confident School Day.

This episode includes a short calming breath practice and the following affirmation practice:



Monday Morning School Day Episode

(Happy music)

Today's episode is for right before you go to school.

And I'm here with Annie


You can listen to this episode in the car, while you eat breakfast, or while you get ready for school.

And if it helps, you can listen to this one over and over, because our plan is to help you make your day more awesome.

(peaceful music) 

Kids listening, take a moment to focus on your breath. Place your hands on your tummy and take a deep breath in. Your tummy will rise. And breathe out. Your tummy will fall.

Two more times. Deep breath in. Tummy rises. Deep breath out. Tummy falls.

One more time. Deep breath in. Tummy rises. Deep breath out. Tummy falls.

How are you feeling right now? (pause)

It's okay if you feel more than one feeling at once.

Like maybe you feel both excited and worried, happy and nervous, or all of those feelings at once.

Feeling more than one feeling is totally normal.

There's a place inside of you that is always calm.  Can you feel it? Focus your attention on that calm place. (peaceful music fades in)

 What color is it? What texture? How does it sound?

For me, my calm place is solid gold.  It feels strong and glowing. And when I listen to that calm place, it sort of hums. 

My calm place is the rainbow. And warm, And glowing. It sounds like laughter.

When I'm connected with my calm place, I remember that I have inner wisdom, and that I'm connected to everybody and everything. Like we're all a big family. The cool thing is that this calm place is always inside of you, and the more you visit it, the easier it is to find it.

Now let's return to where we are and think about the day to come.

Take a moment to imagine what your day at school will bring. There will be people. (sounds of kids talking)

Some of them will be familiar and some of them will be new. These people, every single one of them, are a lot more like you than they are different. 

Did you know that all humans are 99.9 percent genetically identictal? 

I've heard that. We're more the same than we are different. And all of us experience those same feelings, like feeling excited, scared, nervous, happy, sad, or a mix of several feelings at once.

Some of the kids at your school are probably a little worried about going to school. Even your teacher might feel a little nervous about the school day, especially if it's the first day of school.

Maybe when you get there today you can give those kids and that teacher a little smile.

That's a good idea. Imagine offering each person you meet today a little smile. 

Or a big smile. It's not like you can run out of smiles.

That's true. Okay, imagine today, you have unlimited smiles.

And you give those smiles out like candy on Halloween.

Yeah, to let the other kids know that everything will  be okay. Let's go back to imagining your classroom.

Imagine the sounds of your classroom. (classroom sounds) There are chairs. (chair sounds) There are voices. (kids' voices) Some of the kids can be loud. But imagine yourself. You're breathing, just like you were before, and you are in total control of your body and in control of your voice.

Ooooh. I'm  powerful like this.

You are powerful. Imagine yourself taking a deep breath and sending patience to the other kids who don't have as much control over their bodies or voices as you do.

You've got a patience ray- and it's blasting everything with calm! 

(Laughs) A gentle blast of super calming rays. 

Imagine yourself noticing the students who are maybe so worried they don't talk at all. 

Maybe you give those kids a few extra smiles

Sure. Unlimited smiles.

Now...imagine the bells. At our school the bell sometimes sounds like this (singing bowl)

or like this (chime)

Most schools have bells like this (traditional school bell)

Almost all schools use a sound to signal that it's time to transition. What sound does your school use? (pause)

Imagine your school bell, or whatever sound your school uses to signal it's time to transition, and it's ringing. (school bell) And every time you hear this sound, it's a reminder for  you to take one deep belly breath, and for that moment you will connect with that center place inside you where everything is calm.

That bell is your reminder to TAKE DEEP BREATHS

You got it. Now we're going to practice the affirmations. Affirmations, sometimes called mantras or power words, are positive words that you can tell yourself to help change the way you think about yourself and your world. 

Affirmations work! They really do change your thoughts!

Affirmations really are cool, but our listeners already know that. Are you ready? First I'll say them to you and next you can say them to me.

(inspiring music)

Here I go.

Inside you are calm and connected to your center

Your school bell is a reminder to take a deep belly breath.

You learn new things easily

You're smarter than you know.

You are so ready for school. 

(Annie repeats)

Inside I am calm 

I am connected to my center

My school bell is a reminder to take a DEEP BELLY BREATHs

I learn new things easily

I am smarter than I know

I am SO ready for school

(Happy music)

How do you feel? Ready to go to school?

I'm going to ROCK this school day.

I know you are.

That calm, confident presence is powerful.

Those are my CALMING RAYS!

Yup. And they'll spread through your whole classroom and your whole school and maybe even into the whole neighborhood.

And maybe into the WHOLE WoRld

I think so. Our time is up.

Today, at school, and at home, and at everything else you have planned in between, 

We're wishing you The Best Day Yet